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Stress - How Massage can help You

Stress, whether physical or emotional nature, can manifest in our body in many ways if we are exposed to it for too long. How does stress affect YOU most? As tensions and pain in your shoulders and back, via bad posture, limited mobility or jaw-clenching during nights?

If you work on a project with tight deadlines, your muscles go quickly into a contracted state due to stress. If stress continues, so does the contracted state of your muscles. Tensions build up, blood flow decreases, muscles become eventually painful and less elastic. Result: chronic stress.

Massage can be very effective in reducing stress from both muscles and mind by activating our body to release natural feel-good hormones; hence the body-mind connection is inevitable. Studies show that a massage session can help reduce your heart rate, blood pressure and even lower insulin and cortisol levels.

Include massage into your lifestyle and stay energised, healthy and mobile.

Read more about this article: http://www.finerminds.com/health-fitness/how-stress-affects-your-muscles

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