My Philosophy towards good Health

In their holistic approaches, Massage and Emmett fulfil a fundamental need for emotional and physical well-being. Touch and sensory input from the external world has been proven to be essential, whether to help fight infection and disease, reduce muscle tensions and pains or provide a mental break from our daily tasks and activities through relaxation.

Body massage helps my clients to receive the many therapeutic effects of touch and soft-tissue manipulation. It reduces mental and physical stresses and creates feelings of increased energy levels and relaxation. It is well-being through one of the most natural ways in history, via body-touch. 

Emmett muscle-release is a unique form of body relaxation therapy, involving the application of light finger pressure at specific points. Decreased pain and/or increased mobility can often be felt as an immediate result. Learn more about Emmett here.

My aim for you as my client is to work with you on your individual requirements, whether this is through Emmett or a combined Massage/Emmett approach. Please note that your first visit includes your initial consultation before treatment.




'Relaxation is the prerequisite for that inner expansion that allows

a person to express the source of inspiration and joy within.'

Deepak Chopra

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