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Client Agreement - Terms & Conditions



Payment is to be received before first session of your package commences, this is either full payment for the package OR on the basis of 50% deposit followed by 50% at your first session OR 50% deposit followed by 30% at first session and 20% at fourth session (6 & 8 session packages only).

Failure to complete payment will result in your package/session being suspended and you requiring to re-sign up to the package/sessions.

Price changes will only apply to new or returning clients. Prices may be subject to change and the owner reserves the right to adjust prices where necessary. Active clients remain on their current price plan. Active clients are defined as currently receiving treatment. Inactive status clients is defined as being discharged, left due to payment cancelled, transferred to external health care provider, a period of at least 3 months pass between appointments. If there is progress with your care and you are getting better and you require further treatment, another block of sessions may be advised and will commence as soon as payment is completed.



Sessions is defined as time allocated for treatments. It is the client's’ responsibility to book all their sessions for the duration of the programme upon booking and payment. Appointments are limited and based on first come- first serve. Sessions cannot be reserved without payment. This includes face to face or phone call. Any unused sessions cannot be rolled over and cannot be refunded. Further sessions/ another package will only be booked if both client and therapist are in agreement. If clinics are at more than one site, sessions can be booked at either. You are not locked into one clinic site for the treatments.

Cancellations and Refunds


Sessions can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the session and be rescheduled. Cancellations within 24 hours of the session will result in the session being used up. Each session can only be cancelled and changed once. Please be aware of the length of your package/session. If you the client do not feel we are for you within the first session, you can request a refund and the package/service will cease. Once the first session has been completed and fees paid according to the selected payment option, the programme will run its full length.



We operate on a satisfaction based guarantee. If you feel we are not the best fit, let us know within that first session and we will refund you fully. No questions asked. We advise you to invest in a minimum of 3 sessions for your issue to be resolved however this depends on the complexity of your issue, external factors (attire, occupation, general physical activity levels, compliance with homework, list is not exhaustive) you may require more sessions. To keep the guarantee valid, the client must:

● Arrive on time

● Adhere to after care advice

● Provide at least 24 hours notice if cancelling or rebooking sessions

● Payment received as agreed


Any deviation from the above will void the guarantee.


Package/Session Duration

Length of treatment programmes are as laid out in this section. Your package/sessions will expire when you have completed the treatment sessions in the time frame decided between the client and the therapist. The treatment sessions are spaced out accordingly to allow time for adaptation to the home exercise plan and progression.

If you choose to use all your treatment sessions within the first few weeks of the programme, your programme will end after that period. Ideally, treatment should be once a week to allow for consistency and to measure results properly. All sessions must be taken within 3 months for the      3-session package, 6 months for the 6-session package or 8 months for the 8-session package.

After Care

Healing/ recovery are a process. It is not a one session fix. It is a 50/50 between you and your therapist. You are responsible for your health. Your therapist is not responsible for the delayed improvement of your condition if you choose to dismiss the advice given and continue with your previous activity levels.

External Input

At times, external therapists may be contacted for their input into your care. These will be highly experienced therapists in their specialty field. This specialised input will be requested by your therapist to help you achieve your healthcare goals. We have no problem with referring you out if we feel their input will get you better. If we need to refer out or request external input from a practitioner with or without a common set of skills, the fees for their input will be settled between you, the client and the external therapist.


To get the most benefit from your treatments, it is highly recommended the client attends all their sessions. Appointments are limited. By non-attendance, you are wasting your session and may be delaying your improvement. Sessions are of a certain length with a set number of visits; these are there to give you the best results. By entering the package, you are required to be on time for your session. Lateness may result in a shorter session time and will affect the guarantee.


Where required, the client will receive their home-care advice by email.

Privacy & Confidentiality

In accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation your personal data will not be shared with any third parties for marketing purposes. Our Privacy Notice can be viewed/downloaded from our website www.mbholistic.co.uk or you can ask for a print-out. Your details may be used for correspondence with other medical and health professionals only with your consent and for the purpose of your current treatment and care.

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