Effective muscle release from Pain,

Discomfort & Movement Restrictions

The EMMETT Technique is a gentle and safe muscle-release therapy.

Emmett uses an understanding of the body’s response to light touch and has been suggested that the body reacts in a similar way to the workings of a touch-screen. Small sensors allow access to the brain via the therapists’ touch. As well as the ability to directly influence muscle action, these points may have a memory and emotional attachment. In other words: Muscles are encouraged to reset themselves and go back to a state of balance.

Some of many symptoms, which the Emmett Technique can help with:

  • Neck and shoulder restriction

  • Lymphatic congestion and breathing

  • Migraines or cluster headaches

  • Abdominal cramps and bowel discomfort

  • Persistent heel and foot pain

  • Headaches, dizziness and sinus congestion

  • Back and hip discomfort

  • Knee and ankle restrictions

  • Discomfort during pregnancy

  • Fluid retention

  • And many more

Emmett treatment is carried out in standing, seated or lying positions and I may switch between them during a treatment session upon assessment of what works best for you as my client. I apply Emmett through light clothing, which means that you can comfortably wear T-shirt, leggings or shorts. 

Integrating Emmett into Massage treatment enables me to provide my clients a cutting-edge experience by combining these therapies towards a fast and effective way of treating chronic muscle aches, pains and discomfort as well as flexibility and mobility issues.


Please note: The Emmett Technique is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If in doubt, please consult your Doctor.

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