Participant Agreement - Terms & Conditions

  1. Scope of Participation

    1. Participants agree that the Programme is non-transferable and is only for use by the Customer who has signed up to the Programme.

    2. I, the Participant, understand the various risks associated with an exercise programme and it is my desire to participate. I have not withheld any relevant information regarding my physical condition, which may affect me during or following the Programme. I agree that MB Holistic - Mind2Body Therapies is not responsible for any injuries sustained by me during my self-care Massage Programme. I hereby release MB Holistic - Mind2Body Therapies and all parties involved from any responsibility.

    3. I the Participant, irrevocably agree that, if MB Holistic – Mind2Body Therapies approves my application and accepts me as a Programme Participant for online self-care Massage, then this Agreement automatically becomes a binding contract between me and MB Holistic - Mind2Body Therapies, and applies to my participation in the Programme.

  2. Time
    1. Please log on at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your online classes in order to ensure a timely start of the session.

    2. Classes (all classes) are 1hr long.

  3. For your Comfort and House-keeping

    1. Self-care Massage is a "hands on" approach.If this is uncomfortable for you in any way, please inform us.

    2. Please wear comfortable light-fabric clothing (T-shirt, leggings or shorts, socks) that enables you to apply Massage on your body and for your instructor to observe your Massage application via the online live-video tool.

    3. Please wash or sanitise your hands before each class and have the necessary equipment ready to attend your online live-video session as guided by your instructor.

  4. Payments / Cancellations / Refunds

    1. Payment for the selected Programme must be made in advance.

    2. Payment are to be made by Credit / Debit Card, via online enrolment.

    3. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before start of the Programme. Unfortunately, MB Holistic - Mind2Body Therapies is not in a position to forfeit late cancellations, so these will be charged.

    4. Cancellations must be made by email to MB Holistic – Mind2Body Therapies.

    5. Refunds are payable in the following circumstances:

      1. An undeniably unavoidable circumstance prevents you from taking part in or completing your Programme (determined on a case by case basis by MB Holistic - Mind2Body Therapies).Written evidence to support this may be requested.

      2. We are notified of your undeniably unavoidable circumstance before the commencement of the Programme.

    6. Refunds are not payable in the following circumstances:

      1. You have changed your mind. (Please see the cancellation section if this happens).

      2. Refunds are not payable for sessions which have taken place.

      3. You don’t complete your Programme.

      4. You have booked a self-care Massage Programme and are not at the agreed online location to receive the session at the appointed time.

      5. An appointment needs to be cancelled by MB Holistic - Mind2Body Therapies due to severe external conditions. In such circumstances, an alternative appointment will be offered for a future date.

  5. Changes to Programme

    1. Because we believe in constant improvement, you agree that the form and nature of the Programme may change from time to time without prior notice to you.

  6. Media and Technology

    1. Participants recognise that technology is a powerful tool within marketing and sharing amazing results with members of the public. Therefore, Participants give permission for photography, filming and social media communication can take place during (and outside) the Programme and unless otherwise told MB Holistic - Mind2Body Therapies has permission to display media such as photos and videos of Participants on Facebook/website and other marketing sources.

    2. Participants understand that any comment they say/write/film can be used as a testimonial to promote MB Holistic - Mind2Body Therapies. This includes photos as well.

  7. Privacy

    1. Participants agree not to disclose any confidential information or materials shared in class to any other person outside the Programme or use it in any manner other than in discussion with other Participants during classes.

  8. Communication

    1. We value your feedback. Please feel free to email us with any concerns or comments to

  9. Conclusion

    1. We have made every effort to accurately represent the Programme and its potential. Each individual’s results depend on many factors, including their individual considerations from the outset, his or her dedication, desire, and motivation. By accepting these terms and conditions via your online enrolment you acknowledge and agree to all of the above.

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